Use Your Daily Schedule to Increase Your Quality of Life

Article by Michelle / Financial News  When you’re working, raising kids, and struggling to find time to take a run or read a book, it’s common to feel like your days keep getting away from you. Mixing a few of these hacks and habits into your schedule can help you take back some control of your time and […]

Is now a good time to move home?

Article by Michelle / Financial News  As we exit the COVID-19 pandemic, people are on the move. Remote work opportunities, childcare challenges, and a lot of time to reflect have changed what home means to many folks. The premium on at-home office space and big gardens has caused home prices in many suburban markets to jump. Answering these […]

Thriving During Adversity

Article by Michelle / Financial News  Usually, as we approach the end of the year, people start talking about “turning the page” and “putting last year in the rearview mirror.” But it’s likely that 2020 is going to stick with all of us a bit longer than a typical year might. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. […]

Navigating Life’s Transitions by Rewriting Your Story

Article by Michelle / Financial News  Your plans for the future are really a story that you tell yourself. Some of the chapters are easy to imagine and plan, like buying your first home, sending your kids to university, or picking out dream retirement destinations with your spouse. But life has a way of throwing unexpected plot twists […]

Build Your Family Bucket List

Covid-19 has delayed many dream holidays, family reunions, and road trips this year. But as we all navigate the space between things we can do, things we can’t do, and things we still want to do in the future, there’s an opportunity to reflect on the bucket list goals that are truly important to us.